Comfort Long Live Clothes Advert Song

Comfort Advert - Man with Muscles Funny T-Shirt

Fabric care brand Comfort celebrates clothing in a new advert, that encourages people to love their clothes, care for them and make them last.

The spot, released with the #longliveclothes hashtag, conveys the message that “clothes are extraordinary”. “They’re tradition,” “Clothes are first impressions,” “They’re individuality,” “belonging,” “Courage,” “Determination,” “Self-expression,” “Care for them” onscreen lines read throughout the 45-second ad, which features a diverse cast rocking a variety of styles, from a little girl dressed as a ballerina, to a couple of kids wearing traditional Scottish garments, to a young woman wearing a man’s suit, to the members of girls soccer team, and more.

“Long Live Clothes” a final onscreen line reads at the end of the advert, which is set to the tune of “Addicted” by Brazzabelle & Bare Feat. She’s Ryan.

The brand states that its products “add life back to your clothes, enhancing how they look, feel, and smell”. “Added in the final stage of the washing process, our fabric conditioner coats the fibres of your clothes and helps to keep them soft, smelling great, and able to retain their shape and colour. It helps to keep them from bobbling and makes them easy to iron, and with less static. Ultimately, it helps to keep clothes in good condition, so you can enjoy your favourite items for longer. It’s also good for the planet. It saves natural resources, with a smaller carbon footprint, reduced waste, and less landfill,” a post on the Comfort website reads.

The brand also invites you to discover, on its website, “the psychology behind clothing,” “the key to dressing confidently,” a guide on the best way to store clothes, how to identify your style, how to upcycle your beloved clothing, and more.

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