BEHR Interior Paints Keeps Your Doing Done Commercial

BEHR Commercial Family

BEHR advertises its Premium Plus Interior paints in a new commercial, highlighting that “the dreaming part of any DIY is fun, but there’s no feeling quite like being done”.

Titled “A Job Well Done,” the 30-second spot features a family’s home whose walls are subject to many mishaps over the time, but thanks to the stain and scuff resistant, life-proof, BEHR Premium Plus Interior paints, they still look amazing.

The ad emphasizes that the brand’s paints have strong coverage, are stain resistant, scrub-resistant and ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with interior paints. Moreover, they keep all your doings done.

The featured colors are Permafrost S490-1, Blueprint S470-5, Beacon Blue P510-7, and Hush PPU26-16 for interior, Golden Thread MQ4-13 in the archway, Wild Truffle – HDC-NT-27B in the hallway, Peaceful Blue – S470-3 on the stairway, Back to Nature – S340-4 in the dining room, Garden Vista N430-3 in the sitting room, and Peaceful Blue – S470-3 in the living room.

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