Austrian Airlines The Charming Way to Fly Commercial Opera Song

Austrian Airlines invites people to enjoy the unique charm of Austria’s culture, on every single flight, and discover the most beautiful places in the world – relaxed, carefree and always with a touch of Austria at their side.

“When we travel, we like to let go, to unwind, body and soul. We like to take time for the unimportant things. When we travel, we like to feel alive, to live it up or sleep it off. We like to say ‘Be the world revolve around me, just for a little while. We like good food served with a smile. We like to travel to places where we feel most welcome. And why should we wait for all this? Until we land,” says the voiceover on the 60-second commercial, which features a diverse cast of travelers as they enjoy their holiday in different places across the world and do all kinds of activities, from relaxing ones to more adrenaline-fueled ones.

The spot, part of the airline’s new “#FeelsLikeAustrian” brand campaign, features Johann Strauss II’s “An der Schönen Blauen Donau Waltz, Op.314” (The Beautiful Blue Danube) performed by Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra.