Spotify Commercial Song – Woman Sleeping on the Couch

Spotify Commercial - Woman Sleeping on the Couch

Spotify has released a series of new ads, part of a new global brand campaign, aimed at positioning the music-streaming service as the place where you find “Music for every mood”.

One of the spots, developed by the company’s in-house creative team, features a woman sleeping on the couch while subtitles reveal what she should say, namely “I’m so excited to tell you about Spotify’s Mellow Morning playlist. It’s perfect for times like this. I feel vibrant and energized”.

The end of the commercial, which features the song “Naked As We Came” by Iron and Wine (the stage name of American singer/songwriter Samuel ‘Sam’ Ervin Beam), from his second full-length album, “Our Endless Numbered Days”. The track, which has been covered by Natalie Imbruglia, also appears on the soundtrack of the 2005 film In Good Company.

Other two spots, also aiming to pitch Spotify as the go-to app for any moment, any mood, any device, any audio situation, feature a man singing in the car and in the shower and a woman climbing the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator.

The new campaign, which seeks to deepen its connection with the people who already know Spotify, also includes out-of-home work that riffs on meme culture. Several billboard and poster ads, inspired by online memes, suggest different playlists for various emotional states. One of them, for instance, reads “Me: It’s okay, the breakup was mutual. Also me: Sad Indie”. Another one reads “You: I want to give them the hint and not be subtle about it. Spotify: Wedding Bells”.

The music streaming company has also launched a campaign in markets where it wants to expand, such as Brazil, Argentina, France, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, and Spain. Called “What’s Next,” the campaign focuses on convincing people that Spotify is the best place to play and discover music they love.

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