Minecraft Earth Commercial – Girl On Skateboard

Minecraft Earth Commercial - Girl On Skateboard

The official reveal trailer for the all-new augmented reality game for mobile Minecraft Earth has been released.

The game comes with a bunch of new mobs and gives players the chance to discover unique variants and use them to populate their builds. They will also be able to gather resources, take on challenges, and experience a whole new world to discover, team up with other Minecraft Earth players, craft various creations together, and put their own survival skills to the test by fighting hostile mobs.

Minecraft Earth also has “tapables” that are randomly placed in the world around you and players will need to venture out into the real world to collect them as they will generate rewards that can be used to build things. There are always two “tapables” nearby and more within walking distance.

The trailer shows how the reality-bending, world-blending abilities of AR bring the blocks to life. The protagonist, a teenage girl who has just moved in in a neighborhood, equipped with her smartphone and her creativity, Minecrafts her own world.

A beta of Minecraft Earth for iOS and Android will be available this summer.

Last month, Minecraft announced it has a new update coming. It is called Village & PIllage and features all-new villages to be a part of. It also gives players the chance to defend against new threats and build with new blocks.

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