Maytag Man Production Line Commercial Song – It’s Gonna be Maytag

Maytag Man Production Line Commercial

Maytag advertises its “May is Maytag Month” sale event, taking place between May 2nd through June 5th, 2019, in a new commercial.

The spot, which includes a play on the *NSYNC’s song “It’s Gonna Be Me,” is set in a factory where Maytag products are made. However, the products are not shown. Instead, multiple versions of the Maytag Man and different pieces of clothing or accessories, such as his tie and cap, are featured.

At the end of the ad, the final lyric of the band’s hit single is changed to “It’s gonna be Maytag”.

“May is Maytag Month” is the brand’s most highly anticipated promotion, that happens just once a year. Customers have the chance to get up to a $700 rebate via pre-paid card by mail with purchase of select Maytag appliances.

On Tuesday, Maytag posted several tweets, promoting the event. “Guess what…Get great deals on select Maytag appliances during May is Maytag Month. Dependability lasts. These deals won’t. (5/2 – 6/5/19)” the brand wrote, adding the hashtags #ItsGonnaBeMaytag #ItsGonnaBeMay.

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