Jinn (Netflix Series) – Trailer Song

Jinn (Netflix Series) - Actors

Netflix has released the main trailer for its first original Arabic series Jinn, based on the supernatural creatures with human form, that originated in pre-islamic Arab culture.

Directed by Lebanese director Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya, the supernatural drama revolves around a group of high schoolers who unwittingly release a Jinn in the form of a teenage boy while visiting the lost city of Petra in Jordan and soon learn that “they’ve also unleashed an ancient darkness that threatens the world,” according to the official synopsis.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the group of high schoolers’ lives and shows how they are disrupted when the jinn in the form of a teenage boy arrives seeking their help. “If you don’t act fast, you and your loved ones will be in danger,” the boy tells the girl who accidentally releases him. “No one survives high school without a fight” onscreen line reads throughout the promo, which features the 2015 single “Radar” by Danger Twins, from their 2016 EP “UH HUH”.

The show, which marks one of the first teen-focused shows ever from the Arab world, premieres on the streaming service on June 13th.

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