Grey Goose Vodka Apartment Golf Commercial

Grey Goose Commercial Actress

“Life is full of special moments, big and small, planned and spontaneous. Those moments need something worthy of the occasion – a premium vodka of unparalleled quality that’s made without compromise. Live like you’re on the leaderboard.” This is the idea behind the latest commercial released by Grey Goose Vodka.

Entitled “Apartment Golf” and carrying the #LiveVictoriously hashtag, the 15-second ad features a woman in an apartment as she grabs a green olive and gets ready to throw it as if she was on a golf course. Her skills are apparently quite strong since the olive ends up in the right spot: a cocktail made with Grey Goose Vodka. She and her partner are then seen celebrating the “victory” with a toast.

“Live like you’re on the leaderboard” an onscreen line read throughout the ad, which also urges viewers to sip responsibly.

Grey Goose vodka brand is known as a major sponsor of the PGA golf tour. Bacardi requested a traveling bar/lounge/studio designed for Grey Goose for PGA Tour Sponsorship in order to ensure a simple transition of this bar lounge into a TV studio setting for Grey Goose’s “19th hole” on the Golf Channel.

Created in the 1990s by Sidney Frank, who sold it in 2004 to Bacardi, Grey Goose Vodka is available in different flavors – including La Poire – a classic flavor of French cuisine, that reflects the taste and freshness of an Anjou pear, L’Orange, made from the essence of oranges harvested year-round, and Le Citron, which is, according to the brand, “imbued with essential oils from the world’s finest lemons, including those from the renowned Menton region of France”.

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