Google Nest Stock Clips Featuring Family Moments Commercial Song

Google Nest Commercial - Kid and Dog in the Bathtub

Google has renamed its 7-inch Home Hub smart display, which will be branded Nest Hub going forward, as part of the brand integration recently announced.

The tech giant, which acquired, in 2014, Nest (best known for its smart thermostat at the time) for $3.2 billion, has released a new ad, introducing Google Nest. Released with the tagline “You make a house a home, we make a home a nest” and the#HelpfulHome hashtag, the 90-second spot includes bunch of stock clips that feature different family moments, such as a toddler brushing his teeth at the kitchen sink, a lesbian couple sharing a kiss in the bathroom, as they’re getting ready to start the day, a boy brushing his dog’s teeth in the bathtub, a toddler trying to unload the dish washer, an Asian man cutting the hair of his child in the kitchen, a dog doing yoga, a baby eating the dog’s food, a little girl putting on make-up on her grandfather’s face, a man trying to carry a huge unicorn-shaped balloon, a woman celebrating her birthday with a muffin and a video call with her best friend, a girl slipping a “soory” message under the bathroom door for his mother, an old man sharing his meal with his pet, a canary, a dog smelling the baby’s diaper, a kid stuck in the pet’s door, large families around the table, a boy meeting his newborn sibling for the first time, and more.

The commercial, set to the tune of the 2012 single “Home” by American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips, which is his debut single, included on his debut album, “The World from the Side of the Moon,” ends with the tagline “You make a house a home, we make a home a nest” flashing across the screen.

In the past, Google has also launched Assistant-powered smart displays in partnership with other companies including Lenovo, Sony and LG.

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