Google Nest Hub Max Commercial – Boy Costumed as Broccoli

Google Nest Hub Max Commercial - Boy Costumed as Broccoli

Google has released a new ad to showcase the Nest Hub Max, a new home device with a 10-inch smart display and a camera, which is essentially the Google Home Max, Nest Camera, and the Google Home Hub combined into a singular device.

The spot features the various ways the Nest Hub Max can help you in everyday situations, such as acting as an indoor security camera that streams a live feed of your home to your phone, act as a control panel for other smart home devices in your house, such as a vacuum, streaming video recipes, playing music, making video calls, and more.

The video shows a father taking pictures of his little son, ready to go to school costumed as a broccoli, a home owner who sees her dog spreading the cereals all over the table, a man who asks Google Assistant to turn on the vacuum in the kitchen and clean up the mess the dog has made, a mother who cooks following a recipe on YouTube, and more.

The Nest Hub Max can also recognize your face when you arrive home and bring up a personalized home page, such as calendar notifications, your own photos for the background slideshow, or info about the weather.

The commercial, scored by a catchy dance tune, ends with the tagline “Welcome to the helpful home” flashing across the screen.

Nest Hub Max costs $229 and ships “later this summer”.

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