GEICO Researcher Singing Karaoke Commercial Song

GEICO Man Singing Karaoke Commercial

GEICO has released a new ad, featuring a man whose karaoke performance pushes his coworkers to look for ways to escape.

The 30-second commercial, set at the International Antarctic Research Station, sees the man sings the Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” karaoke on repeat, exasperating his colleagues. “I can’t believe it,” says one of the “audience” members. “That Karl brought his karaoke machine?” asks another one. The first one reveals he was actually referring to how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on his car insurance with GEICO. In the meantime, a third colleague, who couldn’t stand hear Karl anymore, heads to the door, willing to stay outside, in the snow storm. Luckily, his fellows stop him just in time.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying “Believe it. GEICO could save you 15% or more on car insurance”.

Another recent GEICO ad, promoting the company’s homeowners and renters insurance, features Sean James as a man nicknamed Big Steve, who tries to relieve the stress from buying a new house by filling his office with hundreds of squishy balls. Luckily, he finds out from a co-worker (played by Eduardo Franco) that GEICO could help him with his homeowners insurance.

In the past, the insurance company has tapped a significant number of actors to star in its commercials. James, Franco, Courtney Burnell, David Anthony Hinton, Casey Campbell, Steve Talley, and Troy Hall are only some of them.

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