Forevermark Commercial Song – Live And Love

Forevermark Commercial - Dad and Son

Forevermark reminds people, in its latest commercial, that “Love is more than a feeling, it’s what you do” and encourages them to “Live and Love, every day”.

The 30-second ad captures various moments from different people’s lives – a father holding his little son on the top of a mountain, a young family enjoying a day outdoors, friends diving into water, youngsters doing the sports they like, couples and families traveling together and discovering each other and places, and a young woman being proposed to.

“Live for her. Live for them. Live for you. Live for the adventures. Live for your dreams. Live a life. Live it now. Live it right now. Love forever. Live And Love” onscreen lines read throughout the video, which is scored by “Teenage Lullaby” by Swedish composer and producer Ooyy (Henrik Olsson), from his 2018 album “Future Yellow”.

The diamond brand from De Beers Group also encourages people to take up the challenge to do something every day for someone they love, and share it with the world, by starting their own #21DaysofLove challenge. This consists of doing something each day for someone you love, capture a photo of it as your reminder, and share it on Instagram using #21DaysofLove and #Forevermark.

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