Dos Equis Woman Singing at Pool Party Commercial Song

Dos Equis Commercial Singer

Dos Equis continues its “Keep It Interesante” campaign with a new installment from agency Droga5, that turns the hit single “Total Eclipse of the Heart” into a ballad about bar food.

The ad, set in a 1980’s bar, features a young woman standing in the middle of a pool at a party, under a disco ball, performing an original rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s classic song. The protagonist reveals, through the lyrics, that every now and then she gets hungry and needs a side of nachos. As she keeps singing and lists other things she craves for – such as hot wings and French fries, two waitresses show up carrying trays filled with the requested menu items, while other witnesses don’t seem too impressed by her performance, though.

“Make your summer jams even hotter. With Dos Equis. Keep It Interesante,” says the voiceover at the end of the commercial.

Ryan Raab, creative director at Droga5, said “We want to show how Dos Equis makes every summer moment interesante. Whether you’re tearfully reading the origin story printed on the back of every bottle at your daughter’s wedding or rewriting 1983’s song of the summer so it’s a tender ballad that’s mostly about nachos”.

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