Aussie Hair 3 Minute Miracle Advert Song – Curly Haired Woman Hugging Colleague

Aussie Hair 3 Minute Miracle Advert - Curly Haired Girl

Haircare brand Aussie has launched a new ad campaign, entitled “Great Hair Though,” that celebrates every day little disasters and highlights that the brand’s 3 Minute Miracle Moisture helps you turn those awkward moments into funny stories to share with your friends.

One of the little disasters referred to is the moment you find yourself stuck in that awkward handshake/hug with a colleague. The spot features a young curly-haired woman strutting down the hallway, at the office, with her perfect curls slowly waving into the air, until she meets a colleague who takes her by surprise and hugs her.
“Aussie Hair 3 Minute Miracle. Three minutes to gorgeously moisturised hair. Three perfect minutes of Australian Macadamia nut oil domination. And three seconds to be totally cringe,” the voiceover says.

The song playing at the end of the ad is “Better Than” by American indie pop singer Reagan James, from her 2017 mixtape “Honey”.

The brand created its new campaign around the concept of “FML” (F*** My Life) moments, experiences that 80% of Brits live on a weekly basis, according to a research conducted on 2000 British men and women between 18 and 80 years. At the top of the list of “FML” moments is waving back at someone when they’re not waving. Other common daily mishaps include misjudging the weather and ending up in a thick jumper on a hot day, replying all rather than directly, and being deep into an Instagram stalk and accidentally hitting like on a photo from 2016.

The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture is made with Macadamia nut oil for smooth and conditioned hair and helps you make sure your hair is looking on point even when disaster strikes.

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