Xero Advert Song – Man Changing Tire on Car in Motion

Xero Advert - Man Changing Tire on Car in Motion

Xero, a cloud-based platform that offers accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing and payroll processing solutions for retail and hospitality sectors, has released a new advert, highlighting that Xero gives businesses the tools to take care of the numbers so you can spend less time on accounting and more on what you love.

“You are the mechanic of your business’s success. Whatever the challenge, however, unexpected, you find a way. Xero gives businesses the tools to take care of the numbers. Less time on accounting, more on what you love,” says the voiceover on the 30-second ad, which features a man being helped by other two persons to change a tire to his car in motion. The vehicle is seen speeding down a road on two wheels only, while the trio are working together to replace the flat tire.

The song used in the ad is the 2014 single “Time” by London-based English modern soul musical collective Jungle, from their debut eponymous album.

Jungle’s singles have been featured in multiple ads and episodes of different TV shows over the years. The band’s single Platoon is used for the Peloton Digital commercial and “Beat 54 (All Good Now)” was featured in football video game by EA Sports, FIFA 19, just to name a few.

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