Volkswagen ID. ROOMZZ Concept Car Commercial Song

Volkswagen ID. ROOMZZ Commercial

Volkswagen presents, in a cinematic exhibition film, the newest member of the ID. lineup: the all-electric ID. ROOMZZ SUV.

The 90-second ad highlights the innovative qualities of this concept car, which is a zero-emission vehicle of the five-metre class, tailored to both family and business requirements. The four large suicide doors open like a reverse handclap for ease of access and there are three different modes for the seats: ID Drive mode, which is a normal front-facing configuration for regular driving, ID Pilot mode, which makes all seats rotate 25deg towards each other for a more social space, and ID Pilot Relax mode, which allows drivers and passengers to fully adjust individually each seat.

Drivers become passengers and are able to chill out as the two front seats swivel 25 degrees to enable a more conversational, lounge-type environment when the car is in autonomous mode. To enable autonomous mode, which makes wheel moving discretely out of the way, the drivers must place their hand on the VW badge on the steering wheel for at least five seconds.

The song used in the ad is the 2018 single “Green Light” by Lee Richardson, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Jonathan Murrill, Daniel Toeman & Raxstar.

Unveiled at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, back in April, the ID Roomzz with Level 4 autonomous capabilities, that is destined for the Chinese market by 2021, will come with an 82 kWh battery, providing a range of up to 450 km (279 miles) according to the European Union’s WLTP standard, or 475 km (295 miles) per the New European Driving Cycle as well as China’s range standards. According to the German automaker, the concept car can be recharged to 80 percent of its capacity in 30 minutes via a fast charging system with 150 kW.

The VW ID lineup also includes the Crozz (a self-driving crossover SUV), Vizzion (a 400-mile range, 75-kWh motor sedan), the Buggy (a modern reinterpretation of the classic American dune buggy) and the Buzz and the Buzz Cargo (a pair of microbus concepts).

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