Royal Bank of Scotland Sophie Advert Song

Royal Bank of Scotland Advert - Sophie

The Royal Bank of Scotland advertises its credit card lock/unlock feature available on the bank’s mobile app in a new spot.

The 40-second ad shows a young woman named Sophie in a coffee shop, who lost her credit card, but is not worried about it because she can lock and unlock it on her Royal Bank app. When she finds it, hiding in the back of her phone case, she can unlock it in seconds. “So it may look like she is chilling with a chocolate brownie and a Jasmine tea, but inside Sophie’s on that counter there, belting out Lady Marmalade for all she’s worth,” the voiceover says, while on screen Sophie is shown dancing on a counter to the rhythms of the iconic 1974 song “Lady Marmalade”.

Royal Bank customers using the bank’s mobile app can also do a variety of other things, such as log in with their fingerprint, besides setting up a six-digit passcode. The app enables them to check their balances, make transfers and payments, and even send money abroad via an international payment, and pay people without needing to use a card reader, an option that Digital Banking does not provide.

Royal Bank of Scotland also gives people, through its website, information on how its mobile app is kept secure, a series of top security tips for banking on mobile, as well as a list of common mobile scams and instructions on how to spot them.

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