Peugeot SUV Range Commercial Song

Peugeot SUV Range Commercial

Peugeot advertises its SUV range in a new commercial, aimed at highlighting that these vehicles, equipped with the new i-Cockpit, “take you even further to enjoy the ultimate driving experience on or off the road”.

Entitled “Beyond the search,” the 45-second spot opens with an onscreen line reading that, today, we search for everything on the internet and shows some of the things people search for. However, onscreen images also feature Peugeot drivers going different places, some of them quite unexpected. A young couple, for instance, are seen looking for a five star restaurant and going to have dinner near a lake, under the stars, where there’s no one else beside them, a young man is seen searching for keeping on track and driving his Peugeot to a place where he walks on rope, a group of friends are seen looking for “the best dating site” and driving to a place in the desert, where there is a festival-like atmosphere.

The commercial, scored by Depeche Mode’s 1989 single “Personal Jesus,” from their seventh album, “Violator,” ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Peugeot SUV Range – Never have SUVs gone so far”.

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