Pepsi John Leguizamo Commercial

Pepsi Commercial - John Leguizamo

Pepsi has released a new ad starring award-winning actor John Leguizamo.

The 60-second spot, dubbed “Standup” and available as shorter versions, follows the actor, who’s running late for his stand-up show, as he overcomes all kinds of obstacles and manages to get there in time. Before getting on stage, he has a refreshing taste of a Pepsi.

The spot, which debuted on TV on April 25, during Billboard Latin Music Awards telecast on Telemundo, aims to highlight the actor’s “resilient personality” and encourage others to “defy hurdles to reach their dreams”, according to a press statement.

Leguizamo said he was “thrilled” when Pepsi approached him to star in their new commercial”. “I especially love the message we’re sending to our fans through the spot… which is that no matter what type of obstacle or doubt comes your way – big or small – if you stick to your passion and listen to your own voice, you can get one step closer to living out your dreams,” he also said in a press statement.

Pepsi is partnering for the first time with Billboard for the fourth year of its En Vivo concert series taking place across Los Angeles, Miami and New York this summer. The brand will bring an exclusive Latin music concert series to life through Billboard En Vivo, giving fans special access to their favorite artists this summer.

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