Mastercard Gantry U-turns Woman Singing Commercial

Mastercard Girl Singing Commercial

Rushing for the train, but rejected at the gantry. We’ve all been here, haven’t we? Mastercard highlights, in its latest commercial, that those days are over. Now, you can tap & go with Mastercard on buses and trains, and say goodbye to empty fare cards.

The 20-second spot, dubbed “Goodbye gantry u-turns,” features a young woman singing to a man who’s rejected at the gantry: “Hey you, this ain’t a u-turn lane, watching your fare card balance, it’s such a cruel game. Life would be smoother if we never did this again. Just tap & go with Mastercard”.

The commercial ends with the onscreen lines “Tap & go on buses and trains Only with Mastercard” and with the voiceover adding the tagline “Smoother journeys: priceless”.

For its “Start Something Priceless” campaign, Mastercard has enlisted professional golf players Tom Watson and Justin Rose for a series dubbed “Tom Watson & Justin Rose Off the Course,”, as well as Camila Cabello, to remind people that every day is a chance to make someone’s day. Earlier this year, the singer appeared in a commercial that featured her walking down the streets of New York and making priceless surprises to various people on her way.

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