Lied Aus Der Kichechef Werbung – Home Sweet Home

Kichechef Werbung - Publicité

Luxembourg furniture specialist Kichechef captures what home means for dozens of people in a new commercial, dubbed “Home Sweet Home”.

The spot, created by agency BetoCee and directed by Manu Coeman, is part of a new marketing campaign, which introduces the brand’s new visual identity and marks the redefining of its market position strategy. The rebranding includes a new, more contemporary logo, that preserves the basic elements of Kichechef’s DNA (the chef’s hat), a media campaign aimed at encouraging customers to feel at home in store, with a spot running on television and in cinemas, as well as print, radio and social media activity. In addition, the Kichechef website has been completely redesigned in order to be aligned with the new strategy.

The video features various people in everyday situations at home, with focus on their emotions and the feelings that their home generates. Joy, comfort, relaxation, meditation – are some of them. A father helping his little daughter preparing for going trick-or-treating, a woman playing the piano, an old man listening to his favorite music in an armchair, by the fireplace, a soon-to-be-mother caressing her belly, a toddler sleeping peacefully, a dog waiting on the rug for something, two teenagers coming home from a trip, a working-from-home mother watching her toddler as he discovers new things, a young woman watching her boyfriend sleep next to her, a girl drawing in her room, a teenager crying on the coach after reading a text message, a group of friends having a pillow fight, a senior couple cooking together, and more are featured throughout the ad.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2012 single “Home Again” by London-based singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka, from his debut studio album of the same name.

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