Indeed Australia Incomplete Job Airport Commercial

Indeed Australia Commercial Actress

Indeed Australia encourages people, in its latest ad, to finish their job searches. “You would never do an incomplete job, so why do an incomplete job search?” the job listings site asks viewers as it features people in various unexpected situations, that involve incomplete things.

Thus, the spot shows a woman walking up some stairs that end abruptly, wind turbines with only one blade, a man trying to blowdry his chest hair while the electricity goes on and off, and a group of passengers ready to get on a plane, but are unable to do that because the platform doesn’t take them near the plane door. When a member of the flight crew asks them to throw their luggage, a lady conforms by doing so, but her suitcases ends up on the ground.
“You would never do an incomplete job, so why do an incomplete job search?” the voiceover asks at the end of the 30-second commercial, highlighting that, “with tons of jobs you won’t find on the other sites, no job search is complete without Indeed”.

This is not the first installment in this campaign, created by the site’s internal brand strategy and creative team.

A previous ad launched in August 2018 featured similar scenarios, including a half-finished bridge on the Grand Pacific Drive and an incomplete house lacking walls and a roof, to highlight the perils of doing an incomplete job.

“What I wanted to do was set up the audience expectation and then disrupt it visually, with an uncomfortable, incomplete situation. Each shot at the start has a beautiful, fluid, sweeping camera movement, before it comes to an end. By presenting people in these situations, with no relief in sight, we leave the viewer with a sense of unease that the job is still incomplete,” Gaysorn Thavat, director of the ad campaign, said in a press statement.

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