Heinz Ketchup 150th Anniversary Advert Song

Heinz Ketchup Advert - Woman Holding A Plate With Food

Heinz UK is celebrating its 150th anniversary with the launch of a new ad campaign, entitled “150 Years of Clean Plates”.

The food company has released a 30-second spot, aimed at showing how Tomato Ketchup has stood the test of time and has made meals better for millions of people on a variety of occasions, from simple lunches at work or at home to snacks on the beach and on-the-go and even weddings.

The advert captures some of those moments, when people emptied their plate thanks to the great taste given by Heinz, also giving viewers a glimpse at some of the shapes the ketchup bottles had throughout the years. “150 Years of Clean Plates” an onscreen line – which serves as the campaign tagline – flashes across the screen at the end of the spot.

The soundtrack music is the 2015 single “I Like It (The Ketchup Song)” by Mike And Bernie Winters.

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Heinz has also partnered with Fortnum & Mason to create limited edition Fortnum & Mason labels in the famous Eau de Nil colour. The Heinz 150th Birtday limited-edition products part of this selection are the Tomato Ketchup (342g), the Cream of Tomato Soup (400g) and the Baked Beanz (415g).

Henry J. Heinz started selling produce from his mother’s garden when he was just eight years old. In 1869, Heinz started selling sauces in clear bottles around Pittsburgh. Now, at the Heinz history center in Pittsburgh, people have the chance to see a giant ketchup bottle display made out of normal-size ketchup bottles, which is part of the largest collection of company artifacts in the world.

Recently, the food company has also released its next condiment mash-up: Kranch, a combo of ketchup and ranch dressing. It Heinz revealed the new product on Twitter and invited followers to reply with #KlaimMyKranch and #Sweeps for a chance to win one of the first 100 bottles.

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