Choice Hotels Commercial Song – Go Where it Matters Most

Choice Hotels Commercial - Family

Choice Hotels invites people to “Go Where it Matters Most” in its latest ad.

The spot features a diverse cast spending time with their dear ones in various places across the country, while onscreen lines deliver a motivational message. Thus, a young father and his little baby are seen “Surprising Grandpa in Grand Rapids,” several guests at a wedding in D.C. are seen watching the couple’s first dance, a couple of grandparents are seen reading a story to their little granddaughter, a young family of three are seen “Making memories in Monterey”.

The commercial, set to the tune of the 2018 single “Over And Over” by Nashville-based musician Ben Rector, from his seventh studio album, “Magic,” ends with the tagline “Be there for the moments that matter” flashing across the screen, as well as with other onscreen lines informing that there are “over 6,800 hotels at the lowest price. Guaranteed”.

On its website, Choice Hotels provides information aimed at helping you find travel inspiration and hotels near the people you care about. Articles about lakes and beaches near Orlando, best beaches in San Siego, California, Madison, Wisconsin’s best water parks, best boat tours in the U.S. and more are available on the platform, along with theme parks and the search engine to help you find the perfect hotel for you.

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