Anchor Butter the Food Butter the Mood Cafe Advert

Anchor Butter Advert - Eggs & Butter

Brand of dairy products Anchor has launched a new ad campaign, called “Butter the Food Butter the Mood”.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “The Cafe,” opens with a piece of Anchor butter melting in a frying pan, alongside two eggs and a slice of ham. While the man standing near the kitchen stove starts dancing, a lady who spreads Anchor butter on a baguette sees the baguette becoming longer and longer, the bunny-shaped slippers of a customer lick their mouth as the customer – a woman accompanied by her dog – eats a huge slice of pizza, an a woman who received her pancake order sees the pile of pancakes becoming higher and higher, until it goes through the roof. A little girl having a snack at the cafe with her parents sees little birds coming out of their hair and beard tweeting and a man trying to have a bite from a butter pancake drops it because it’s too hot and a dog is eating it.

Throughout the ad, the different variants of the Anchor butter, including the British-focused packaging, which features a British flag, are showcased, as well.

Founded in New Zealand in 1886, Anchor began exporting its butter to the UK started in 1924, with marketing playing heavily on the product’s New Zealand heritage. In 2012, Arla, the company that holds the brand’s UK license as part of a long-term deal with New Zealand-based dairy co-op Fonterra, opted to halt imports for the UK market and move production to Westbury.

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