Amazon Package Tracking Boy with the Same Sweater Commercial Song – Magical Moms

Amazon Package Tracking Commercial Actress - Magical Moms

Amazon has released a new commercial, that focuses on the company’s package tracking service.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “Welcome, Magical Moms,” features a mother whose little son doesn’t accept any other jumper beside his favorite one: a striped sweater that he wears everywhere – to his martial arts classes, to his school shows, during his trips with the family. After several failed attempts to make him wear something else, the woman finds on Amazon a similar knit sweater and orders it online, using the mobile app. At some point, when the boy appears on stage dressed with the same jumper, while his peers are all clad in white shirts, she is shown tracking her package on the mobile app. The day she receives it, she makes the little one put his jumper in the box and, after shaking a little bit the box and saying “Magix,” she takes out the new jumpers.

“Amazon’s got everything you need and package tracking for all. Welcome, everyone,” says the voiceover at the end of the commercial, which also informs that on Amazon you can find “low prices and free shipping on millions of items”.

The song used in the ad is Ipswich singer Ashton Jones’s version of Freddie Scott’s single “You Got What I Need”.
This is not the first time Ashton Jones, the face and voice of The Ashton Jones Project, sings for an Amazon commercial. He was also one of the vocalists performing “Can You Feel It?” by The Jackson 5 in the Christmas campaign of the shopping giant.

Of the new ad, which was launched on April 5 and runs across multiple media, Jones said “It was all kept very hush-hush until the launch but it was great to take the lead and I can’t wait to see it.” After the campaign went live, Jones wrote a message for his fans on Twitter: “Hear me singing Freddie Scott’s ‘You Got What I Need’ for Amazon’s new spring adverts,” adding “And before you ask, no I’m not the ‘other woman’ who ruined Jeff Bezos’ marriage”.

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