Volkswagen Passat Feel Free to be Busy Commercial – Passat Alltrack, Passat GTE & Passat R-Line


Passat Alltrack Commercial

Volkswagen urges people to “Feel free to be busy” in its latest commercial, which showcases the new Volkswagen Passat, the Passat Alltrack, the Passat GTE, the Passat R-Line and all of their forward-thinking assistants.

The spot features different Volkswagen Passat owners – of different sexes, ages and backgrounds – as they start their day and hit the road at the wheel of their car. Two young women wake up before the crack of dawn to go to the ocean and surf before going to the office, a family are having breakfast together before going to work and school, two co-workers stop by a coffee shop to grab coffees. As the ad comes to an end, it turns out some of them finally had the same destination: an office building where they all work together. Their vehicles – the new Volkswagen Passat, the Passat Alltrack, the Passat GTE, and the Passat R-Line – are all seen lined up in front of the building.

Among the Passat features highlighted throughout the ad are the Mobile Key, the telephone interface “Comfort” with wireless charging, the IQ.Light – LED Matrix headlights, 55 km full electric range, Lane Assist, Voice Control, Adaptive Cruise Control ACC with predictive cruise control, 19-inch “Pretoria” alloy wheels.

The commercial, scored by a catchy dance tune, ends with the tagline “Feel free to be busy. The new Passat” flashing across the screen. The automaker also informs that a pre-production model is shown in the 2-minute film and that some of the shown equipment is optional and/or will be available at a later date and that it may also differ from the final offer.

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