Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Spring Commercial

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Commercial Kids

Tommy Hilfiger has launched a new ad campaign to promote its collections designed with and for people with disabilities, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive.

The Spring 2019 lineup for adults and children includes, according to the brand, “modern essentials, looks inspired by the runway and sporty styles created with you in mind”. There are some innovative design twists that make dressing easier, like one-handed zippers and magnetic buttons to aid those with limited dexterity, extended openings to accommodate prosthetics and braces, adjustable features to ensure a great fit and seated wear options.

One of the spots part of the campaign features a diverse cast of persons with disabilities, including a young man with an amputated arm, a woman in a wheelchair, a girl with Down syndrome, and a young boy in a wheelchair, and focuses on some of the above mentioned design twists, such as one-handed zipper, easy-back opening, and more, so kids can dress themselves and “because fashion should be fun”.

The women’s collection includes a colorblock windbreaker, a Signature stripe sweater, signature high rise jeggings and joggers, an icon sweater and an anchor sweater, a signature tee dress, a seated fit oversized signature hoodie, shorts, dresses with VELCRO brand closure at each shoulder designed to appear as traditional seams, and more.
The kids’ collection includes tees, pants, dresses specially designed with a faux button placket featuring hidden magnetic closures to make dressing easier than ever, various jackets, and more.

“I have first-hand experience with children with autism and getting dressed in the morning has been a big issue in our household forever. With Tommy Adaptive, we’ve made sure that every piece is inclusive and makes dressing easier.” Tommy Hilfiger said.

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