Pandora Garden Collection Short-Haired Woman Commercial


Pandora Garden Collection Commercial Girl

Pandora invites you to discover a whole new garden of style with the Pandora Garden collection. The jewelry brand has released a commercial, showcasing some of the pieces from the collection, which is inspired by nature, women of today and our roots, and celebrates transformations, diversity and the freedom to fly.

The spot features a young short-haired woman in a museum who remains behind from the crowd to admire a painting. As she does that, the room turns into a garden filled with blooming flowers, where ladybirds are sitting on her hand and butterflies are flying all around her.

The collection includes butterfly-inspired jewelry, ladybird-inspired jewelry, as well as flower-inspired jewelry, with delicate designs, aimed at highlighting the beauty of nature. A variety of charms, such as Openwork Flower Charm, Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Cut Out Charm, Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Cut Out Charm, Butterfly Arrangement Spacer Charm, Classic Flower Arrangement Charm, bangles, rings, and earrings are also part of the spring collection.

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