Netflix Series: Stranger Things Season 3 (Trailer Songs)

Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix has released the trailer for the third season of its hit series Stranger Things, which will jump ahead to the summer of 1985.

The trailer opens with Dustin arriving home from summer camp and being welcomed by his friends in a surprising way, that makes him use his Farrah Fawcett Hairspray. Mötley Crüe’s 1985 hit “Home Sweet Home” is playing in the background as the scene goes on and shows how Lucas gets a facefull of the hairspray.

Music soon changes and a remixed version of The Who’s iconic single “Baba O’Riley” starts playing. The group of friends are then seen as teenagers: Billy as a lifeguard at the pool and Will looking at old photos of him and his friends. Hop is seen waiting in a restaurant for his date and Joyce eating something while sitting on her sofa.
The Starcourt Mall is also featured, as well as Eleven, looking very impressed by this place, where apparently a huge battle will be taking place. Eleven is also shown at the ocean, in the Upside Down, falling and screaming.
Cary Elwes as featured as Mayor Kline, Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman, the wacky private investigator Nancy and Jonathan befriended, Jake Busey as a character named Bruce.

Stranger Things 3 launches this summer, on July 4 only on Netflix.

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