Marshalls Woman with Handbag Commercial Song

Marshalls Commercial - Woman with Handbag

Marshalls invites you to find brands that wow and prices that thrill at Marshalls.

The retailer has released a new ad, featuring a woman who discovers lots of surprises throughout her day. First, a handbag at a wow price falls into her hands, then she is transported to a place where lots of homeware are showcased, then a range of colorful outfits are brought to her, and afterwards, from a “landing” on a pile of soft pillows – all at wow prices – she gets back home, at the dining room table, where her husband and kids were waiting for her with a meal.

“Brands that wow. Prices that thrill.” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is set to the tune of “Something New (Are You Ready)” by Tiggs Da Author.

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