Leila (Netflix Series 2019) – Trailer


Leila - Trailer Netflix

Netflix has released the announcement trailer for its upcoming Indian series Leila.

“Are you prepared to resist the nightmare? The future is only for those who are pure. For everyone else, resist. repent. repeat,” the streaming service reveals.

The short trailer opens with women’s voices repeating in voiceover “My duty is my destiny…” while onscreen lines read “In the future purity is law”. A baby in a cage is then shown before the same voices are heard saying “Hail Aryavarth”, as instructed by a man, whose voice is also in voiceover. Several women wearing identical clothes are shown rolling over the floor and one of them is seen being aggresed by a group of men, who are apparently some sort of guardians.

The thrilling show, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta, Shankar Raman and Pawan Kumar, is set, according to Netflix, “in the forgotten margins of the segregated communities of a dystopian future” and follows a woman – Leila – as she embarks on a quest to find the daughter she lost upon her arrest 16 years ago.

The cast ensemble includes Huma Qureshi in the leading role, Siddharth, Rajat Kapoor, and others.

The series will launch on Netflix on 14th June.

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