Google Commercial Song – With a Little Help From Google

Google Commercial - Mom With Little Baby

Google encourages you to “Learn something new, explore the world around you, get more done, and be in the moment for the moments that matter most, all with a little help from Google,” in a new commercial, released with the tagline “Here to help”.

The 60-second spot features various ways the Made by Google devices can help, such as asking questions and finding answers, speaking, scanning, typing or drawing to translate in over 100 languages, getting GPS navigation, traffic, transit and discovering places with Google Maps, taking action and staying up-to-date with dynamic email in Gmail, exploring the world with Google Earth, transforming classrooms with Chromebooks, discovering, watching, and sharing videos and music on YouTube, and more.

The song used in the ad is the 1965 hit single “Help” by English rock band the Beatles, from their fifth studio album, “Help!”.

Among the devices made by Google are the Pixel 3, Google Home, Pizel Slate, Chromebook, an easy-to-use laptop with long life battery, and more.

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