Google Black Girl Magic Commercial Song

Google Commercial - Black Girl Magic

Google has released a new installment in its IWD2019 (International Women’s Day 2019) series, highlighting that, according to Google Trends, more than ever the world is searching for “black girl magic” – an empowering phrase that celebrates the achievements, beauty and irrepressibility of Black women and girls.

Entitled “Black Girl Magic: A Moment in Search,” the 60-second video features a series of Black women described as “icons, barrier-breakers and everyday heroes”. Among them are comedian Amanda Seales, Issa Rae, Karen Bass, Dr. Krista Carrington, Mari Copeny, an activist and philanthropist from Flint, MI, Alisha Williams, a mom who loves to encourage and inspire others through her social media platforms, identical twin sisters Shanta Owens and Shera Grant, who serve as judges in Birmingham, Alabama, Misty Copeland, Mae Jemison, Kennedy Edwards, the first African-American to win the Miss Texas Teen USA title, actress Dominique Jackson, who has become an advocate for the trans community, Ellen Liverpool, a competitive powerlifter and an aerospace engineer, Kheris Rogers, an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and trailblazer, 30-year-old rapper and singer Lizzo, beauty influencer Shalom Blac, LA-based model and actor Ebonee Davis, Haitian-American Blogger, Disability Advocate and Model Mama Cax, Serena Williams, and more.

While onscreen lines show the searches made on the search engine, such as “black girl magic,” “becoming a congresswoman,” “becoming a judge,” “becoming an astronaut,” “becoming a mom,” “I was born to flex,” “unbothered,” “speak up,” “speak out,” “how to be unstoppable,” “how to make history,” some of the above mentioned women are seen delivering powerful speeches, aimed at inspiring people. “Our magic is in our love and tears, our fears and our flyness,” “We can take pride in who we are,” “We can change the world, we’ve already started,” “You must never be defeated, ever,” are only some of the messages conveyed by these icons.

The commercial, scored by Lizzo’s 2016 single “Good As Hell,” from her debut solo EP, “Coconut Oil,” ends with the onscreen line “To all the magic makers. Search on.” flashing across the screen.

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