FOX 2019 Reality Dating Show: Paradise Hotel (Trailer Song)


Paradise Hotel Trailer Fox 2019 - Single Girl

FOX has released the trailer for the first season of the new version of Paradise Hotel, set to premiere this May.

The reality dating competition series, whose original version actually first aired back in 2003 on FOX, follows a group of singles who spend several weeks in an exclusive tropical resort, with the chance to win a consistent prize when they check out. The problem is that staying there requires strategies. Each week, these singles will vote off one of their fellow residents to make room for a new guest. In a new twist, viewers can play along at home, using social media to try and influence what happens on screen, including helping to decide who stays and who goes.

“This May, escape to Paradise Hotel. FOX’s sexiest dating competition returns,” the voiceover says on the 45-second trailer, which features a series of hot young women and men throwing away their winter clothes and showing off their toned body in swimsuits, making thus passers-by losing focus. A man carrying a groceries bag is seen hitting a pole, for instance, and a mother is seen wrapping a scarf around her daughter’s eyes after spotting a bare-chested hunk. “The temperatures are hot and the sexy singles are even hotter. And we only have one rule: hook up or check out,” the voiceover adds, mentioning that the show will premiere this May.

The song used in the promo is the 2018 single “Taki Taki” by French DJ and record producer DJ Snake, featuring vocals from American singer Selena Gomez, Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, and American rapper Cardi B.

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