Converse The Woman Who Lived In a Shoe Commercial

Converse Commercial - The Woman Who Lived In a Shoe

Converse used the popular English language nursery rhyme “There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” and turned it into “modern day nursery rhymes for women who own their stories”.

“There was a young woman who lived in a shoe. She had lots of ambition. Intelligence, too. But every promotion will go to some hack. So she quit her dumb job and didn’t look back. There was a young woman who lived in a shoe. She didn’t have time to be told what to do. She traveled the world and had no plans to wed. It was her right to choose the life that she led. There was a young woman who lived in a shoe. She was called every name, even a shrew. But this low queen could not care less. She had better things to do than listen a pathetic troll screaming at her for being a smart confident woman,” the voiceover says on the 55-second ad, which ends with the drawing of a black Chuck Taylor All Star High Top under a tree and the onscreen line “All the stories are true”.

Created in 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker was the original basketball shoe. Its use has changed over the years, becoming an everyday icon. The Chuck Taylor All Star unisex shoe is available as low top and high top. The timeless silhouette features lightweight and durable canvas upper, low profile for ultimate flexibility, medial eyelets to enhance airflow and reimagined All Star license plate. They come in a range of predefined colors, such as red, black, natural ivory, pink, optical white, and more, but they can also be customized. The Custom Chuck Taylor All Star lets customers put their own spin on the iconic canvas style.

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