Citi Entertainment Blonde Woman Going to Concert Commercial Song

Citi advertises its Private Pass, which offers exclusive entertainment for Citi Cardmembers, in a new commercial.

The spot, created by agency Publicis and entitled “Anticipation,” follows a blonde woman donning an all-black outfit as she walks down the sidewalk on her way to meet a friend and go to a concert together. First, she spots a floating piece of confetti that lands on the palm of her hand and then she’s seen trailing streams of the glittery pieces behind her. Later on, she gets together with her friend to go to the event presented by Citi.

Final onscreen lines highlight that you get to enjoy exclusive experiences and special access to over 10,000 events with your Citi Card. The tagline “Citi Entertainment Designed to take the once out of once in a lifetime” also flashes across the screen.

The soundtrack music is the upcoming song “Wow” by Zara Larsson and Marshmello. The full track is currently unreleased but will be included on her second album, set to launch in April. April will also be the month she will release her second single, “Don’t Worry Bout Me”.