BMW X7 Commercial – Friends on Train

BMW X7 Commercial

BMW showcases the X7 in a new TV commercial, described as “symbolic for choosing to go your own path instead of being led by others”.

The spot opens with a panoramic shot of a train in motion and goes on with the conductor walking down the corridors and informing passengers that the final stop will be in thirty minutes. He then leads a group of friends – who looked at each other and smiled after hearing the announcement about the final stop – to the back of the carriage, where a BMW X7 is transported on the last carriage of the train in a glass case.

As the commercial ends, the five friends are seen in the X7, on the road, slowly surpassing the train, which goes in a different direction with respect to the road.

Described as “the epitome of automotive majesty and presence,” the BMW X7 combines, according to the automaker, “the character and grandeur of its size with the agility and athleticism of its design” and “offers maximum ride comfort, fascinating precision in the steering characteristics, powerful dynamics and authority on every terrain that a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) has to master”.

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