AT&T Just OK Is Not OK Commercial – Announcer Making Color Commentary

AT&T Just OK Is Not OK Commercial - Actors

AT&T celebrates its status as proud partner of the NCAA Tournament in a series of new March Madness-themed ads, that also announce the arrival of 5G Evolution, the first step to 5G.

The spots, created by agency BBDO, feature actors Mark Neely and Tim Baltz as announcers Ken and Phil, sitting courtside and doing their job. Well, while Ken does his job well, not the same can be told about Phil, who’s a color commentator, but thinks his job is to actually comment on colors. He misunderstands a lot of things and makes a fool of himself on several occasions. One of them is when Ken asks him for some “colorful commentary” on the game and he begins describing the colors of the Purdue Boilermakers’ uniforms in elaborate detail, mentioning the “rich black jerseys with accents of old gold that could also pass for a sunflower shade of yellow”. Even after his colleague points out that color commentary isn’t actually commentary on what the colors are, Phil continues in his commentary about actual colors, adding that “yellow is called a secondary color”.

Phil also grabs a snack during a game, starts yawning in a tense moment, makes a remark about the mascot, and takes out tarot cards to talk about his predictions about the game in 15-second commercials highlighting that “Wireless networks, like announcers, should never be just ok”.

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