Apple iPhone Privacy Teenager with Mustache Commercial Song – Start Shaving at Age 15

Apple iPhone Privacy Commercial - Boy with Mustache

Apple highlights that “Safari limits sites from tracking you across the web” in its latest ad focused on the privacy measures implemented for iPhone users.

The spot, part of the brand’s “Privacy. That’s iPhone” campaign, features a teenage boy in a bathroom looking at his mustache into a mirror. While he’s browsing on his iPhone XR, his thoughts are expressed in voiceover “All these websites say it’s normal to start shaving at age 15”. After a few seconds of analysing his mustache and thinking it through, he is seen putting the phone away on a towel. The sound of an electric trimmer is then heard in the background.

The commercial, scored by Bo Diddley’s 1955 song “I’m a Man,” ends with the onscreen lines “Safari limits sites from tracking you across the web. Because what you browse should be your business”.

The “Privacy. That’s iPhone” ad campaign debuted earlier this month with a spot that takes a fun jab at the steps that people take in day-to-day life to protect privacy, like stopping conversations when people are near, rolling up windows, drawing curtains, locking doors, using “keep out”signs, using paper shredders to destroy certain files, and more.

In October 2018, Apple debuted a new privacy portal, allowing users the ability to download all of the information Apple retains about you. Earlier this year, in January, the tech giant installed a massive billboard at CES 2019, declaring “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”.

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