2019 Games: RAGE 2 – Wasteland Superhero Trailer


RAGE 2 - Wasteland Superhero Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming Avalanche Studios’ RAGE 2 has been released.

The new open-world shooter, set in a world where humanity’s numbers are dwindling because 80% of the earth’s population has been annihilated by an asteroid, lets players – who take on the role of Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland, raging for justice and freedom – wreak havoc among enemies, using an arsenal of powerful weapons and hi-tech nanotrite abilities and making various combinations between those weapons and abilities. The enemies are the “ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs” that roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority that seek to rule with an iron fist.

The trailer, entitled “Wasteland Superhero” and scored by a catchy tune, focuses on the main character, the Wasteland Superhero, and some of the devices available for use, including the iconic Wingstick, the Firestorm Revolver, the Hyper Cannon, the Grav-Dart Launcher, and others.

Rage 2 is set to arrive on May 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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