Yopa Man with Bullwhip Advert Song – That’s a Smooth Move

Yopa TV Advert - Man with Bullwhip Advert

Online estate agency Yopa advertises its services in a new spot, aimed at highlighting that selling with Yopa is such a smooth move that nothing – not even world-class whipping skills – can compare.

The 60-second advert features a home owner who uses his bullwhip to do his morning chores. Thus, from the moment he wakes up, he’s seen using his whipping skills to do all kinds of things, such as grabbing his bath robe, turning on the faucet, raising the blinds, turn on the coffee machine, slice bread, turn on the toaster, open the fridge and more. In front of his house, when a neighbor praises his smooth moves, he answers he used to think that, too, until he sold his home with Yopa, “the full-service estate agency that charges fair fixed fees.” “Now that is a smooth move,” the neighbor says.

The song used in the ad is the 1980 single “Whip It” by American rock band Devo, from their third album, “Freedom of Choice”. The track is also included on the “One Step Beyond: The Best Of New Wave” album.

The advert is part of a campaign that marks the first work of agency Mother London for the brand. The campaign is set to run on TV, print, radio and social media.

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