Twitter Know What’s Happening Girl in Orange Sweater Advert Song

Twitter Commercial - Girl in Orange Sweater

Twitter UK encourages people to know what’s happening with Twitter in a new advert.

The spot features a young woman whose ride to work runs smoothly from the moment she walks out of the door to the moment she arrives at the office, thanks to Twitter. Constantly checking the social network, she finds out the things she wants to know, such as the weather (and she goes out accordingly, leaving her raincoat and umbrella at home), service information about the train she usually takes (learning that her train is replaced by bus service, she decides to ride a bike), the winner of a Super Slam, and not only. She also manages to make a dog owner happy as she leads his dog to him, aware that the pet, named Lilly, is lost and looked for, and doesn’t forget to bring doughnuts, thanks to reminders and photos she sees.

The soundtrack music is Aretha Franklin’s 1971 single “Rock Steady” from her eighteenth studio album, “Young, Gifted and Black”. The song, covered by many artists over the decades, is also included on the album “The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin – The 70’s.”

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