Transitions XTRActive Style Mirror Lenses Commercial Song

Transitions Lenses Commercial Girl

Transitions has released a new commercial, showcasing the range of Transitions XTRActive style mirror lenses.

The spot, set to the rhythms of “Boom Boom Boom” by Grace Mesa, features the new mirrored lenses and the six bold colors they are available in, namely Gold, described as “a smooth and warm shade complementing all skin tones,” Silver Shadow, described as “a classic silver-gray color,” Red, described as “a rich scarlet mirror for a sporty experience,” Pink, described as “an infusion of crimson hues,”, Blue, described as “a chill color for a stylish and trendy look,” and Green, described as “a radiant color with an earthy essence”.

The brand informs that these style mirrors, which are intended primarily for outdoor use, leverage Transitions XTRActive lens technology to provide hassle-free protection from UV and Harmful Blue Light and that they work with virtually any frame, so you can create your own unique look.

Transitions provides a range of light intelligent lenses, that automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions, meaning they change color from transparent to dark when they exit to the open air, and again become transparent upon returning to the room. Customers can choose styles from the Lenses Transitions Signature collection, which includes “the best everyday intelligent photosensitive lenses,” the Lenses Transitions XTRActive collection, which includes styles that are optimal for extra protection from light, even in a car, Transitions Drivewear collection, which includes sunglasses featuring NuPolar polarizing filter and Transitions photochromic technology, and the new Transitions Style Colors, a collection including four new style colors: emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and amber.

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