Transitions Lenses New Signature Style Colors Commercial Song

Transitions Lenses Commercial Girl

Transitions showcases, in one of its latest ads, the four vibrant new style colors, now available for customers to choose from and personalize their lenses.

The brand informs that these new, jewel-tone lenses offer “bold color to embrace your personality, all while providing hassle-free protection from UV and Harmful Blue Light both indoors and outside.” They also work with virtually any frame, so you can pick your favorite frame and pair them with whichever hue you choose.

The four colors are Sapphire, described as “a bright, exciting hue that brings a cool factor,” Amethyst, described as “a sophisticated shade with a contemporary twist,” Amber, described as “suggestive of a vintage look, which can be popular with a younger demographic,” and Emerald, described as “trendy and versatile, matching a variety of styles”.

The song used in the ad is the 2018 song “Then You Take Me As I Am” by Production Music.

Transitions enables you to have one pair of everyday lenses for both indoor and outdoor since the Light Intelligent technology, which is the result of more than 25 years of research, helps filter harmful blue light indoor and outdoor and ensure they automatically adapt to changing light.

The Transitions collection includes Transitions Signature, Transitions Drivewear, and Transitions XTRActive.

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