T-Mobile The Struggle is Real Super Bowl Commercial Song

T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial - Wrong Number

T-Mobile highlights, in its Super Bowl LIII commercial, that taxes and fees are included in T-Mobile unlimited plan.

The 30-second spot features an exchange of text messages between a guy and, supposedly, the woman he had a date with. “It was great meeting you tonight. We should hangout soon. Send me a pic if you know what I mean.” he writes to the girl, who it turns out gave him a different number. The photo he receives from “her” shows a middle-aged overweight bearded man, who texts him “She gave you the wrong number brother.” The recipient reveals it’s the second time in a week, which makes the other man reply that “The struggle is real”.

The commercial, set to the tune of the 1975 single “You Sexy Thing (I Belive In Miracles)” by the British group Hot Chocolate, ends with the onscreen lines “Our numbers are real. Taxes and fees included. T-Mobile Unlimited. Are you with us?”.

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