Samsung Galaxy The Future Que Sera Sera Commercial Song


Samsung Commercial Girl - Robot Tattoo Machine

Samsung continues its “Do What You Can’t” campaign with a new installment, highlighting that “What we create today lets you create the future”.

The spot features several persons as they use different Samsung devices, some of which represent ideas and concepts that the South Korean is either working on or intends to start working on. A personal display window, a tablet controlled robot arm (that makes a tattoo drawn by a tattoo artist remotely), a gesture controlled computer mirror with lots of features and options, a portable ultrasound machine that can be connected to the smartphone, as well as a foldable smartphone (which is known as Samsung Galaxy X and/or Galaxy Flex, expected to make its debut during the Samsung Unpacked event, later this month, on February 20) are some of the devices shown.

The end of the commercial sees a group of people in the street using their smartphones to play a video game and the lines “What we create today lets you create the future” flashing across the screen.

The soundtrack music is a cover of Doris Day’s 1956 song “Que Sera Sera”, which is also performed by the commercial cast.

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