Peugeot Australia Commercial Song – I Am What I Am

Peugeot Australia Commercial Actor - Father with Hair Pins in His Hair

“At Peugeot we make our cars for those prepared to stand out and stand apart. Those who value style and live their lives with passion and conviction. Those who know exactly who they are.” This is the idea behind the latest Peugeot campaign, entitled “Know Who You Are”.

The campaign film, showcasing the brand’s range of models, features several different characters who all have something in common: they stand apart and they are Peugeot drivers. A father walks to the car wearing girly accessories attached to his tie, as well as hairpins in his hair – the result of his little daughters’ “work”, a surfer struts down the beach wearing her fluffy slippers, a male model puts on a robe after having posed naked for an art class, a woman working in a corporation is proudly rocking a colorful outfit, that includes a yellow dress paired with yellow sneakers.

The soundtrack music is the 2014 Club Version of Gloria Gaynor’s hit single “I Am What I Am”.

The French automaker informs that “every Peugeot has been designed to catch the eye with effortless style and awaken the senses from behind the wheel” and that “every inch of a Peugeot” – from efficient LED lighting technology to state-of-the-art engine – “has been meticulously sculpted with quality and reliability in mind”. The brand also promises “instinctive driving experience” thanks to its i-Cockpit, which is the brand’s signature driving configuration, aimed at making drivers feel “more connected to the road than ever before with supreme handling, smooth drivability and a beautifully sculpted interior that ensures a seamless driving experience”.

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