Pepsi MAX Lionel Messi & Mo Salah at Gas Station Commercial Song

Pepsi MAX Commercial - Lionel Messi & Mo Salah

Pepsi has tapped Liverpool ace Mo Salah and Lionel Messi to co-star in a new commercial for Pepsi MAX.

The spot, titled “The Last Can Standing,” opens with Messi and Salah arriving at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere and discovering there is just one can of Pepsi Max left in the fridge. The two then challenge each other in an entertaining duel of passion and skill with some footballs they release from a display unit. While they are kicking balls at a sign, changing it from “Open” to “Closed,” into the headlight sockets of a conked-out car and then through moving tires, an employee shows up and drinks the final ice cold Pepsi, making the pair have different reactions – on one hand, Salah smiles and shrugs and, on the other hand, Messi shakes his head at this development.

Finally, they spot a Pepsi lorry whose driver, seeing the “Closed” sign, keeps going instead of entering the parking lot of the petrol station, leaving them behind. Actually, they start chasing the truck with their arms waving.

The ad, released with the #FORTHELOVEOFIT hashtag, features the 2018 single “Shake On” by Seattle-based musician Gold Brother.

Salah has been a Pepsi brand ambassador since 2016. Pepsi’s previous campaigns featured some of the world’s leading footballers, including David Beckham, Roberto Carlos and Carli Lloyd.

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