Mercedes-Benz B-Class Grandfather with Baby Commercial Song – Justify Nothing

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Commercial

Mercedes-Benz has released a teaser for its Justify Nothing campaign film, that showcases the new 2019 Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

“As young parents we often feel we need to defend ourselves: for needing a break, for wanting support, even for driving a car that makes sense. But the truth is, it’s the 21st century, and no one needs to justify themselves to anyone.” this is the idea behind the commercial, which opens with a young mother visiting her father with her newbown baby and leaving the infant with him so that she could get some sleep. Seeing what time it is and not wanting to wake her up, the man puts the little one in a baby carrier and takes him with him at work (he is a professor), with his daughter’s car, a Mercedes-Benz B-Class. As he drives, he realizes that “Sometimes we all feel the need to justify ourselves for making someone feel special. For being in love. For when it all gets too much. But this is the 21st century and you don’t need to justify yourself for anything to anyone”.

The commercial, scored by the 2016 song “L.U.V.” by Glasgow-based band Catholic Action, ends with the onscreen lines “Justify Nothing. Drive B-Class”.

The automaker encourages people to never justify making your kid happy, being in love or taking care of your family.

The new B-Class features an extended wheelbased and 19″ light-alloy wheels, that provide a sporty appearance, an exclusive Diamond grille, a large embedded star, state-of-art Multibeam LED headlamps, hands free access, a flexibly adjustable load compartment, a revolutionary infotainment system, and more.

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